When it comes to exceptional quality, reasonable prices and immediate and friendly service, you can rely on Rope Masters Manufacturing Corp. for durable Manila Ropes and Manila Yarns. Manila ropes and Yarns are made from Abaca fibers, a plant which is a natural resource of the Philippines.

Philippine Manila rope is the finest natural rope in the world compared to other natural rope products. Rope Masters Manufacturing Corp. makes this an opportunity to supply Manila rope to clients around the world, meeting their specifications and standards and providing what they want by responding promptly to their inquiries and orders. We make our clients our number one priority by investing our time to create and maintain amicable relationships with them through accomplishing and meeting our goals, creating a mutually beneficial business relationship between our companies.

The principal hard fiber used in cordage is Abaca , obtained from the tropical plant Musa testilis, a member of the banana plant family. It is commonly known as Manila hemp , which is misnomer since the hemp plant belongs to the soft fiber group. Abaca is the strongest of all the natural fibers. The Philippines is the chief source for both the fiber and the rope.

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