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Rope Masters Manufacturing Corp. is the premier Manufacturer of the finest Manila rope in the world. Video
Our company operates 3 hard fiber preparation lines at Last Pinas, an 8,000 square meter building in 24,0000 square meter of manufacturing space which is an annual installed capacity of over 10,000,000 pounds (4,8000,000 kg) per year. We manufacture three-strand products ranging from 6mm(1/4 inch) to 48mm(2 inches) diameter and four strand products ranging from 14mm (7/16 inch) to 48mm (2 inches) diameter.

Masters of Manila Rope

Philippine Manila rope is the finest natural rope in the world compared to other natural rope products. Rope Masters...

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linedot2 Ecologically Sound
Economically Smart


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line Total Customer Satisfaction

We currently employ over 200 highly trained production operators. These individuals undergo a rigorous training schedule, which ensures that they understand how rope is made and what qualifies as a first-rate rope product, satisfying our customer’s requirements...

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